Interview Sergi Ros

FPV pilot Sergi Ros explains what is essential for FPV profesional filming and what the future of the industry holds. At the bottom you can watch the filmed interview.


What’s your name and your title?

Hi, my name is Sergi Ros and I’m an FPV pilot.


How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve gotten to where I am for two reasons. One is for taking my hobby to the extreme. Drones and radio control has been my passion for 10-15 years now. Taking it to the extreme has led me to have contacts and opportunities have opened up for me. Cinematically, I have no specific study on this but here in Octocam I have been taught, the colleagues here have helped me understand how a day of shooting works and what is important. I put these two things together and here I am today.


What is your favourite Octocam shoot?

My favourite shoot was definitely the Formula 1 with Renault, for several reasons. It was the first one when I joined the company and we started to do the project and right away they took me to this one because that’s how it happened. It was my first experience as a professional shooting and obviously it was an honour and super fun and exciting to follow these cars at that speed.


What is essential for filming FPVs professionally?

I think at a professional level, above all, having a lot of experience is what counts the most. You have to have many years and many hours of flight time as it is something that requires great precision. It is also very important to have the right equipment, as you can see here. You have to have many spare drones, for different uses, different cameras and speeds. It is also important to have a team and a company to count on because it’s not only the pilot, it’s the team, it’s the assistant, it’s production. In general a whole company that works so that these drones can do their job.


How do you see the future of the FPV drones on set?

I think that there will be a lot of demand, well there is already, because it’s something new, it’s very dynamic, very fast and economical (depending on which drones) and it allows it to have those movements, those shots, that free play, the horizon is not fixed and combined with other drones (because not everything can be filmed with this), it gives those new points of view that always surprise the viewer and in the end is what directors and customers are looking for. So I think it’s going to have much more presence than it has now and the technology is advancing very fast and I’m sure it will sky rocket.



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