Interview E. Fernández & R. Aguilera

In this virtual interview, Enric (drone pilot) and Raul (camera operator) talk about the best camera + drone combination and their experience in Octocam. Below you will find the recorded interview.


What are your names and what is your title?

Hello, I’m Enric and I’m a drone pilot and I’m Raul and I’m a camera operator at Octocamvision.


What did you study before you joined Octocam?

I started studying audiovisual and multimedia production at EMAV andonce I finished I did a steadicam course and right after that I started working with myn my steadicam teacher as an assistant and so I entered the world of filming and publicity and from here I met the guys of Octocam and when the work started picking up. they called me to be part of their team.

I studied audiovisual communication and when I finished I couldn’t find a job, well I was working in television in Andorra, but my hobby was drones, I got my pilot’s license and I wanted to combine cinema with my hobby and I found Octocam, I met them, they were interested and then I joined the company.


What is the combination of drone + camera that you like the most?

The best combination I think is to work with the MoviPro with an Alexa because operating the Movi works very well but it is true that working with the Inspire, all the facilities that it gives you to change the settings from below once the drone is flying makes it much more comfortable and also when mounting it makes it faster. So today, working with the Inspire 2 is very good. And from a pilot standpoint, I don’t know.

For me, from a pilot standpoint, the best camera drone combination I know and like the most and is the most fun for me is a simple GoPro Hero 7 or 8 with a racer. Because it wouldn’t give you the quality like an Alexa would give you as Raul says but it gives you a lot of play when recording things that go very fast, like sports and I find it very fun.


What do you like best about working on Octocam?

Well, the best thing about working at Octocam is the colleagues, because at the end of the day we have to spend a lot of time together when we travel and when we are away. We spend more time with our colleagues than with our family or our partners so the best thing is the bond we have and how well we get along and then it makes the job go well.

Just like Raul, I think it’s the colleagues, because we are all young we get along very well, we have a good relationship and since we spend a lot of time together in the end they are like our second family.

What is the best filming you’ve done together?

One of the best shootings I remember with Enric, was for example Dua Lipa’s last music video which we shot in Barcelona in December. Truthfully,  I remember it as being very cool because it was all indoors, the set was spectacular, with the lighting and the end result was amazing.

Yeah, honestly it was a very cool shoot, since we had to do a quite route through the inside of the set which had many stages with the Inspire X7 and the result was insane.


Thank you for your time and attention, we hope that this Covid-19 situation finishes soon and we will return with much more enthusiasm and much stronger than before.

A big hug to everyone, lots of encouragement and see you soon




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