Interview B. Carrara y A. Maestra

Drone pilot Brandon Carrara and camera operator Alejandro Maestra talk about their experience in the field and in the company.
Below you will find the recorded interview.

What are your names and job title?

My name is Alejandro Maestra and I am a camera operator and I am Brandon Carrara and I am a drone pilot. 


What were you doing before you started in Octocam?

I studied audiovisual and multimedia production and after working in television in Barcelona, and seeing that the drone sector was very much in demand in the film and audiovisual world, I decided to try and get in Octocam, and that’s how it went.

I studied industrial engineering and then I did a Masters in photography. When drones started to come out a few years ago I became interested in them and saw that I could combine my two passions. So I bought a drone and got my license and started practicing until today.


What has been your favourite filming experience you have done together?

I think that one of the best shootings we have done together, maybe the biggest one was the Super Bowl ad we did last year in Madrid for Game of Thrones, but it wasn’t the most complicated or demanding one. The most complicated was probably Suntory in Asturias, no? For me, that was one of the best ads we have filmed together – it’s a Japanese whiskey brand. It was a lot of days, incredible location, very demanding, there was a lot of people involved, the technical group was massive. The technical  team was insane! And the shots – the end result was incredible.


What is a typical day on set like?

First of all, the day before we get the call sheet – the time we need to be at the workshop. So then we go there and we prepare all the equipment we need to bring and we head towards the location, well the set. When we get there, we talk to production, the director, the DOP, to see what they want the shot to look like and go over how we will do it in the safest way possible to get the best results. Then, when our moment arrives, we film until everything is perfect and then our day on set finishes. Then we need to go back to the warehouse and put all the equipment/ material on charge and check that everything is in perfect conditions. Leave it ready for the next shooting. And then go home.


Shortly explain how you both work together

Honestly, I think that Brandon and I work really well together since we both joined Octocam 2-3 years ago. And it is really important to get along with each other because at the end of the day we spend a lot of time together not only on set but also in hotels and diners,… And during filming you can really tell we have worked a lot together because the shots are a matter of two people – there has to be a bond, we are always in constant communication because the shot a matter of just the pilot or the camera operator, it’s always having a good balance in between the two, a good vibe.


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