Inspire 2

High-flying cinema

Obtain the best aerial shootings with the best in the compact drone market with cinematographic quality. Maximum versatility in reduced spaces thanks to its compact size. Equipped with a Sony M4/3 sensor with a set of interchangeable lenses and RAW license.

The services include

Pilot, camera operator

Camera: Zenmuse X5S M4/3 Raw (Sony sensor)

Lenses 12 – 15 – 25 – 45 mm

Liability insurance valued in 300.000€

Follow focus (DJI)

Client monitors, recording monitor (Atomos)

Full HD video transmission

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20 minutes
Zenmuse X5s M4/3 Raw
12 – 15 – 25 – 45 mm

Zenmuse X5s

Equipped with an uprated Micro 4/3 sensor, the Zenmuse X5S has a dynamic range of 12.8 stops with a much improved signal to noise ratio and color sensitivity than the X5R. It supports up to eight standard M4/3 lenses (including zoom lenses) with focal lengths ranging from 9mm-45mm (equivalent to 18mm-90mm on a 35mm camera), allowing more creative flexibility. The new CineCore 2.0 image processing system on the Inspire 2 makes the Zenmuse X5S capable of capturing 5.2K 30fps CinemaDNG video and Apple ProRes video as well as 4K 60fps using H.264 and 4K 30fps using H.265 (both at 100Mbps). Continuous DNG burst shooting at 20fps with 20.8MP images is also supported. The Zenmuse X5S was designed to keep pace with the rigors of high-end professional aerial imaging.