Drones during quarantine

This past month we have seen some creative uses of drones during quarantine.

For example, the love story between two New Yorkers has caught the attention around the world.

The most interesting part of all of this is that is started thanks to a drone.

Due to it’s large population, The Big Apple started isolation when they saw that the situation was getting worse. One day, a young photographer named Jeremy, was on his balcony taking photos of the empty city when he saw a young lady dancing on the rooftop of the building in front. When he saw her, he decided to say hi in a very creative way.

He grabbed his drone and on a piece of paper wrote down his phone number and attached it and flew it towards her. Surprised to see the drone, she took it and and saved the number in her phone and the rest is history.

Jeremy has been documenting all of this on his social media and has captivated the hearts across the internet.



On the other hand, here in Spain, the use of drones isn’t that romantic. The police in Madrid have been using drones to surveille the city and encourage people to go back home.



Nonetheless, there is an innovative use of the drones. The UME (Military Emergencies Unit) has been using drones to disinfect the streets of Spain. These drones are designed for the agricultural sector, the AGRAS-MG1 de DJI and DRONEHEXA XL. They contain around 10L of load and in 15 minutes that can cover aproximately 10.000m2.




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