Octocamvision also offers solutions to simplify and reduce costs in VFX. Through our LiDAR technology, we are able to scan large areas with drone or highly precision scans with our ground LiDAR, the Leica RTC 360.

Aerial  LiDAR: ±5cm

Ground LiDAR: ± 2 mm

With our new

With our state of the art new aerial technology, we are capable of flying autonomous missions up to 40 minutes flight time, covering up de 150 hectares per day.

Pantallazo 2021-11-10 a las 0.00.03
Pantallazo 2021-11-10 a las 0.00.56
Pantallazo 2021-11-10 a las 0.01.16

We do also provide high precision aerial photogrammetry with our 48 Mpx camera. We are capable of accurately measure, calculate volumes of lots, buildings, etc. An efficient, low cost and highly accurate method for the VRX industry.

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