Movi Pro

Movi Pro

Always ready to capture your story

Light and agile achieves maximum stabilisation in all shots. It can be mounted on cranes, rails, cars, quads, motorcycles, among others. A good alternative to the stadycam.


The services include

Camera operator and auxiliar technician

Intern drone production: Team management, legislative consultations, camera and lease management with air insurance without additional cost.

Liability insurance valued in 300.000€

Follow focus (RT Motion)

Client monitors, recording monitor (Atomos)

Full HD video transmission (Connex)

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40 minutes
Compatible cameras
Alexa Mini
Phase One
≤ 3,5kg

Maximise the performance and efficiency in shootings

The Movi Pro is designed to be precise and versatile in the best shootings. With an incredible performance thanks to the latest and best electronic stabiliser in the market, with a loading capacity superior to 7kg, it is able to turn harsh movements into perfectly stabilised shots. It has a switchboard to power any camera with the batteries of the stabilizer itself, as well as any follow focus or wireless video transmitter.

Compatible cameras

Compatibles lenses