360º services and virtual reality

360º reality, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality are already settling in multiple fields like advertising, business and teaching… That is why, we direct our gaze towards this technology with future plans. With the objective of getting to know a little bit better this world composed by these fascinating technologies, we provide the best drones in the market.


360º video is exploding. We see how in multitude of events people are staring to experiment with it and to use it as a new format to allow the viewer to live an immersive experience.


We listen, advice and accompany you throughout all the process of the project. Using the latest technology of 360º: Earth, sea and air

Stitch / Erasement

We import the raw material from the different lenses, we stitch the images for its posterior processing and we erase the tripod/drone/car.


After the final video editing and client approval we begin the postproduction phase: color correction, effects and transitions, infographics, audio, rendering and export to the final emission format.


/ In octocamvision

We dispose of a wide fleet of drones with the most advanced technology in the market. We are operators registered by AESA (the Statal Agency of Aerial Security). All our models are insured and all our pilots dispose of real flight licenses.

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