If your mind can imagine it, we can create it

/ Our team

Octocamvision was born to generate new audiovisual experiences with the latest technology available in the drone market. If the adventure is still ongoing it is thanks to the talent, skill, creativity, the taste for innovation and overall, a blind trust in the importance of making the best shots until the last end of earth.

David Ferré

Partner & CTO

Bernardo Sa Pereira

Partner & CEO

Sofía Osorio

Head of Production

Andrea Henar

Production Assistant

Ivan da Paula

Marketing Assistant

Marta Cuesta

Senior Marketing Officer

Andrés De Juan

COO & Producer 360°

Mónica GarcIa

Head of Production

Daniel Santos

Director de I+D

Joan Viñas

Strategy & Business Innovation

Xavier Guillen

Operador de cámara

Arnau Espejo


Raúl Aguilera

Operador de cámara

Brandon Carrara


Miquel Calvo

Operador de cámara

Fede Pérez

Operador de cámara

Santi Ávila


Alejandro Maestra

Operador de cámara

Txetxu García

Director de cine

Manel Cabot

Operador de cámara

Miklos Selva


We offer a world of new audiovisual experiences, with the latest market technology in the drone sector. In constant innovation, we dedicate our efforts to improve day by day the technological solutions we offer, specialised in film and advertising. We make possible the impossible. With dedication, effort, professionalism and experience. More than 5,000 flight hours in national and international projects back us up.

/ Offices

We have built a technological space in part of our facilities with double function. On one hand, workshop to develop the projects that require R + D and material maintenance to always be ready to fly. On the other hand, showroom meeting space for our projects and sample of materials from our projects. Both sides of our wager on technology, on one hand development and on the other one analysis.

HQ – Barcelona


Sede – Mallorca


Sede – Madrid


Sede – Lisboa


/ Sponsors

There are some ingredients that help us achieve our conquest of height. It is our pleasure to count with our sponsors in the Octocamvision family.